The last thing anyone should see before they die is the back of a police car.

01. The Idea

Handcuffs have always been designed with the officer in mind. However, the event of being arrested and handcuffed causes extreme physical and physiological stress that leads to injury and even death. Which is why we created handcuffs that are designed for the dual-protection of officers and arrestees.

Concept Video

You can view the full-length version here.

02. The Cuffs

VitalCuffs are designed with heart rate sensors that let police officers know you’re safe after you’ve been arrested. We’ve made simple changes to alleviate several of the possible injuries that can occur during an arrest.

The act of being restrained, putting your arms behind you or laying on your stomach, reduces oxygen levels in your blood and your body’s ability to recover from stress.

1 in 20 arrestees suffers nerve damage from handcuffs because they restrict blood flow as well as movement.

03. How They Work

If the heart rate becomes very irregular or drops to a level that could be unsafe, the officers are notified through their computer and radio to check on the arrestee.

All these small changes to a pair of overlooked handcuffs, can add up to something much bigger: a life.

Copywriters: Elizabeth Bassett, Conor McFarland
Art Director: Frank Garguilo