Blue Apron Abroad

The world in your kitchen.

We want Blue Apron to become more than just a food delivery service. They have the opportunity to use diversity in food as a gateway to embracing other cultures.

Concept Video

Blue Apron Abroad gives customers access to authentic recipes, ingredients, and utensils to experience new cuisines and cultures from around the world.

01. Regions

One new region is featured every month. Customers receive one meal a week and have access to immersive content, utensils and a cooking guide.

02. The Box

Every box is designed with a textile that reflects each new region. Our prototype is based on the popular Thai dish, Moo Ping. 

03. The Magnet

The first box of every month comes with an informational pamphlet and a magnet. The magnet can be scanned to access and upload recipes directly to a Recipe Passport. The featured textile serves as a QR code.

04. The App

While cooking, rotate your tablet 90 degrees to access story view. Here you can have a more immersive experience, watch tutorial videos from the cooking guide, and learn more about the culture of the region.

05. The Website

Check out the live website for a full, interactive experience.

To encourage understanding, exposure is the first step. Blue Apron Abroad is a business opportunity that also addresses a cultural problem.

CW: Kelly Cabaniss
AD: Jessica Sugerman
XD: Katie Cullinan

Special thanks to Majic for being our cooking guide. Also, thanks to Elliot for the beautiful Thailand footage.

Awarded a Silver Cannon Ball at the Richmond Ad Show for student work